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Family Life Center

Our FLC is a fully equipped gym with basketball, walking track, weight room, and treadmills.

Membership is required.  Sign-up with the form below.


5 AM - 8 PM Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

5 AM - 5 PM Wed

5 AM - 6 PM Sat

Annual Membership Fee:

Single FMC Member $37.50

Household FMC Member $75

Single Non-Church Member $75

Household Non-Church Member $150



Jenny Brown is originally from North Carolina. As a military wife, she's lived in lots of places. She settled in Alabama when her husband, who is originally from Orange Beach, retired. 
Jenny has been in the fitness industry over 25 years. She graduated from UNC with an undergraduate degree and OU with her masters.

What Jenny loves about fitness is helping others. "My passion is helping design fitness programs that  work. The family life center offers multiple formats in groups as well as individual training, nutritional counseling, group opportunities, and senior classes." 

Jenny Brown, MHR
Precision Nutrition Level 1

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I understand that the use of the FMC FLC facilities and all equipment will be at my own risk. FMC does not assume liability or responsibility for any participant or any non-participant, nor for any personal possessions lost or stolen. FMC does not make any expressed or implied warranty of the premises, the equipment, machinery, fixtures, or furniture.

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