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Our Mission

Transform the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

Our Strategy

Dis.Path. Poster (36 x 36 in).png

Our Measures


Do I know the gospel?

Do I own the mission?

Do I know my purpose?


What Scripture is shaping me?

Who are my 2am friends?

What spiritual disciplines am I working on this week?


Who am I currently discipling?

How am I serving in the church?

Where am I going on mission this year?

Our Values

Know God's Word:

The Bible is God's living Word. The Word feeds, comforts, teaches, and disciplines. It should be read and memorized in order to transform us.

Disciple Families:

The family displays the gospel, therefore we empower and equip family units to worship the Lord throughout the week.

Reach the Lost:

God cares about those who do not know and follow Him and has given us a mission to share the gospel with them.

Pursue Holiness

and Wholeness:

How we live our lives is a testament to our trust in, dependence on, and love for Christ Jesus.

Our Beliefs

FMCE is currently an independent Methodist church.
We hold to the Nicene Creed, the Apostles Creed, EUB Confession of Faith, and the Articles of Religion of the Methodist Church.
Click Here for a copy of those documents.

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